The Creator Brief Synopsis


A Novella

Peter G. James Sinclair

SETH is the son of one of the most infamous couples to have ever lived on planet earth. Their names? ADAM and EVE. Having been the first humans in recorded history to inhabit planet earth, as we know it, we come upon a familial setting beside a blazing fire as this family prepares its last meal together before their son leaves home to take a wife.

After the meal Adam and Seth leave for The Rock. This is the place where Adam has visited throughout the years to commune with PAPA. It is the place where he has been inspired and refreshed mentally and spiritually as he clawed his way back to rebuild his life. This now is to the same place that Adam wants to take his son at this special time, and after a night of trekking, guided by a full moon, they finally arrive at the sacred site precisely as dawn appears.

Both men lie down exhausted on arrival at their destination and quickly fall asleep, but are awakened by a thunderous crashing sound in the distance. Just another piece of evidence of a decaying planet. Rising to eat they embark upon a discussion of what happened on the first two days of creation. Seth is surprised to learn for the first time of what inspired his father to give animals such as the giraffe, the rhinoceros and all the other animal’s their names and of the power of learning to ask the right questions.

Breaking off their conversation Adam wanders off to fetch firewood so that can begin preparing a meal, and while he is doing this Seth reflects on what his father has already practically taught him – to swim, to hunt, to fish, but knows that there is so much that he is about to learn this day. On his return Adam embarks upon further discussion about the third and fourth days of creation, the power of division, the power of choice, the power of love, and he even hints about The Seven Ways Of Creation that he is going to share with Seth later on in the day.

As the sun reaches high into the sky Adam takes his son on a magnificent journey into the fifth, sixth and final day of the creation story. He unveils how Seth’s mother was formed and with a hint of great sadness Adam touches on how a perfect world was in seconds dashed upon the rocks of bad judgment, disobedience and deception.

By mid afternoon it comes time for Adam to share some of the darkest truths of his story where he gives a detailed account of how both he and his wife threw away everything  – lost it all – and how this not only led to their own banishment from the garden of Eden, but also set the scene for the first murder whereby Cain their eldest son took the life of Abel. He shares with great remorse of how on that one day they not only lost one son, but in fact two. Cain was never to be seen again.

It comes time for Adam to unveil the special gift that he has prepared for Seth. Reaching into his bag he pulls out a piece of animal hide tied with a piece of string made from the same material. Contained within this leather scroll are inscribed seven words that outline The Seven Ways Of Creation. These are seven powerful words that will guide Seth throughout his new life, and as he prepares to start his own family. Adam outlines in clear detail, while illustrating pictures in the dirt, for emphasis, with a stick, how each word is a building block for a successful life.

Finally, after sharing the closing details with Seth, he hands the scroll to his son and gets up to leave. Seth remains, takes out the scroll and declares out loud, his voice filling the valley floor, of his intentions as he begins to build his new life upon the wisdom that has just been shared with him by his father. At that moment it feels as though the whole world stands to attention to the sound of this one man. However, there is no applause – only the whistle of the wind. There is no cheering, only the intermittent sounds of the valley. However, Seth is unaware that Papa is smiling and that Adam proudly overheard the heart cry of his son. The future of mankind is in good hands.

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