The Bountiful Gift Of Trying

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Like you I have many unfulfilled dreams.

I have dreams of things I want to do with my family, gifts I want to give to my wife, places to which I want to travel, books I want to write, cars I want to drive, houses I want to live in, orphanages I want to support, projects I want to assist…

And yet there is one significant dream that has recently risen once again to the surface, and that is to take a musical that I have written and see it performed on the stages of Broadway in New York.

An Email To My Mother…

I was reflecting on this just this day and started to write this email to my mother…

‘Just had breakfast. Now boiling the jug for a cup of tea.

Just been reflecting on my two fifty minute sessions yesterday I shared with music students at Jai’s(my son-in-law who happens to be a music teacher) school.

I had a ball. I trust the students did too.  I certainly held their attention – what with the aid of audio, video, live music and interactive activities.

Jai really stretched me.

I was using an interactive whiteboard for the presentation of my website, videos and audios, got the students to type in on their iPads, even had the score of my music viewed on the screen so that they could follow it as it was playing. He even had me play one of my songs on the piano and sing.

I shared about the structure of a musical, the inspiration, the process, and on and on. Questions were fired back at me and I was able to encourage the Year 8 students to dream their own dreams, shared with them what it takes to see a dreams fulfillment and so much more.

Just preparing for this, and now having executed and entertained students for 100 minutes, has forged deeply in my being that I must continue to pursue my original dream of taking this musical all the way to New York.

With the advent of my success, so early in the property development arena, I now realise that I have in my hands a powerful tool to raise the necessary finances not only for a better lifestyle for me and my family, but also so that I can maintain majority financial control of my musical production all the way to Broadway.

Oh good news on the book front too. I have finally found a publisher who is interested in discussing some of my book ideas. An Australian publisher. Finally someone is listening. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for listening. You mum are always part of my success story. When the students asked how I started out in music I started by saying, ‘Well when I was only six years old my mum decided to learn the piano and also that I should learn.’

Thank you so much for the gift of music and for the gift and example of trying.’

Why Try?

My answer to that is why not?

In reference to this musical – I have been working on this for more than a decade. I have spent countless hours in its creation and initially devoted an entire year to its creation.

I have hit brick wall after brick wall of opposition.

I have failed time and time again.

I have even allowed others to tamper with my original idea and try and make it what I never intended it to become.

But through it all I have learnt this one thing – that to persevere with a dream there is no greater joy as you grow in the process of its pursuit.

So what dreams are you trying to bring to fruition in your life?

My exhortation to you is ‘KEEP TRYING!’

The Dream Of A Musical On Broadway

I have enjoyed the process of creating a website for the musical, and some captivating videos featuring just a few of the 34 songs that make up the entire production.

To gain a full understanding of the story you may like to read the one page synopsis.

For your interest you may also like to watch these…

 The Video for the Song – Just A Boy


 The Video for the Song – The Collection


The Video/Audio for the Song – Lydia’s Song




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