The Billionaire & The Twelve Million Dollar Question

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WealthPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I recently read a sad obituary of a billionaire who had passed on. It recorded the fact that they had been known for their ‘bullish’ dealings in business and their unsettled family relationships resulting from three marriages.

Now they may have been the owner of some other fine qualities throughout their lifetime, not noted in the obituary, but for me personally – to have recorded as part of my obituary the above details, is the leaving of a sad legacy.

Success In Life

Success in life must be assessed by not just the bank balance alone, but rather by the measure and richness of the relationships developed by a life both in business, and in particular within the structure of the family.

All of us are flawed, but if we can live our lives in a state of love, forgiveness, the keeping of short accounts and of faithfulness – then we are traveling on the road towards a rich and prosperous life.

So let me encourage you to go and make your millions. Make your billions if you so desire – but as you pursue these goals please make certain that you grow rich at the same time in all your relationships along the way. And in growing rich – make giving richly a vital part of your overall wealth plan. For to give is to truly live.

And let your obituary herald – ‘They lived a rich life – rich in fine qualities, finance, family and friends.’

The Twelve Million Dollar Question

And while I’m sharing with you about wealth and riches, I was recently talking to my best friend last night and began asking them some deep questions.

The first question I asked was, ‘What do you think you have been called to do in your lifetime?’ Finding it hard to answer this, there was a deafening silence that pervaded the atmosphere.

I then asked, ‘For what purpose have you been born for?’ Again no answer, accompanied by a puzzled facial expression.

I was determined to help them to unveil the answers to these tough questions, so I continued with, ‘What gets you mad? What gets you fired up?’ Once again they were unable to verbalize their true feelings.

So with a final ditch I asked the question that clinched the deal. ‘What would you do if you had twelve million dollars?’

‘Oh that’s easy,’ they replied. ‘I’d purchase a new house on property. I’d buy my children their own houses, and I’d purchase some new cars. I’d then invest a bunch. And I would really like to build houses for those orphans and their carers in Uganda…’

And on and on went the conversation as they clearly divulged their purpose, their calling and their passion.

So the final question for you as my reader is this: What would you do if you had twelve million dollars at your disposal?

And before you say, ‘Oh but I could never…’ STOP! Remember that ‘all things are possible to those who believe.’

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