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measure11Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I’m pondering this afternoon about where all my schoolmates are now. What have they achieved? What influence have they had? What level of success have they accrued? What significance are they effecting? What impact are they having?

What Is The True Measure Of A Man Or Woman’s Life?

Some have said that you can measure a man’s life by those who have measured their lives against them. I truly believe that one can measure their life by whether he or she has done what God has called them to do.  But only a man or a woman and their God can come up with that answer.

Men are so quick to judge, so quick to condemn, so quick to advise. But dare I say this? Unless you have walked in the shoes of another, you and I have no right to do any of what I have just listed.

Can we know the pulse of another man’s heartbeat? Can we discern the size of another man’s dream? Can we know the mission that his God has assigned for him to perform?

Then why are we so obsessed with fixing others?

You and I have not been born to fix. We have been created to love. So let us stop judging, and if we fail to fully comprehend, then let us lean in little closer, ever seeking to understand and learn, in the spirit of love.

Case In Point – Destiny Unfolds

Recently I was reading about the death, at age 54, of  a man – who in the words of one of our nation’s prominent leaders, was the greatest concert pianist in the country, if not the world. And yet he had over a number of years, leading up to his death, been sidelined, in the words of this leader, by all the major symphony orchestras in Australia. And it appeared that from that point on his life spiraled downward, and ultimately landed him in an early grave.

But may I suggest that we can all be guilty of blaming others for our demise, or else we can get up and go again. We can sit and wait for someone to give us an opportunity, or we can make our opportunity. We are responsible for our own destiny, because we have been endowed with the power to choose – no matter what life throws at us.

Life has its seasons. For every winter there is a summer. And for every Autumn or Fall there is a Spring.

It’s how we respond to each of these seasons that will determine the outcome of our experience – especially during the tougher seasons.

They can either invigorate us, or they can destroy us. And if our sustenance and vitality is sustained only by the applause or accolades or opportunities provided by others, then when the crowds disperse we will surely fade.

That is why we must learn to encourage ourselves on a daily basis through self-talk, and why we should seek to benefit others as part of our daily program for healthy living, towards a long and prosperous life.

This is our responsibility.

photo source: kareo.com

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