Success Will Come

Do you like this story?

Post written by Peter G.  James Sinclair.

In my personal reading the other day I stumbled across this great passage.

I trust that it will bless you as much as it touched me.

‘Take not anxious thought as to the results of your work nor of our work. If you are doing all that you can the results, immediate or eventual, are not your affair at all. Such seed of truth as we plant can but grow. If we do not see the fruits here, we know nevertheless that there or somewhere they do spring up.

It would be great if we could succeed now; it will be greater if we patiently wait for success, even though we never see it ourselves. For it will come. Do not be fretted by abuse. Those who abuse you do not know what they are doing. We also were at one time deluded and cruel, therefore forgive.

Do not be worried by bigotry. We cannot help it, we are not responsible for it – we are responsible to ourselves and for ourselves and for no one else. Do not be angry at opposition either; no one can really oppose the order of Nature or the decrees of God, which are one and the same. Our plans may be upset – there are greater plans than ours. They may not be completed in the time we would wish, but our works and the work of those who follow us, they will be carried out.

Do not grieve over your own troubles; you would not have them if you did not need them. Do not grieve over the troubles of ‘others’; there are no others.

Therefore, let us keep God in our hearts and quiet in our minds, for though in the flesh we may never stand upon our edifice, we are building that which shall never be pulled down.’

Attributed to Bolton Hall who lived in the Nineteenth Century.

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