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We started this blog as a way to share tips and ideas that will make our lives better.

If you have an interest in helping people, or if you simply want to get your name out there, don’t hesitate to send in an article. You don’t have to have a website, a blog, or any alternative agenda. All you need is a little fire inside that wants to help the average person’s life become healthier.

Ok, so how do you get started and what are the rules?

We receive many articles each day, so this makes it hard to critique every submission, provide you with constructive criticism, coach you on writing, etc. Having said that, please understand that if your article is riddled with grammar errors, incorrect verb use, etc., I will not publish it and many times we will bail before reading the entire thing. Don’t be offended by this; it’s a time thing.

Here are some other requirements that need to be followed. Most of these are self explanatory and very obvious.

  • You must write ALL of the content as opposed to saying “Jim wrote a cool article, click here to read it”. You can however reference pertinent sites in your post as long as you link to them.
  • Please do not use any affiliate links, attempt to sell to our readers, or refer to any spam sites.
  • Don’t be upset if we edit your writing for grammar, punctuation or even sentence structure. We may even suggest another more keyword effective title and add internal sub headings. We will not change the meaning of your article or your point of view, however we have been known to rewrite entire paragraphs that are confusing or wordy. Know that we do this with the best intentions and that we cannot review all changes with you prior to publishing.
  • The article you submit cannot be published on other sites, including your own. We want to keep the content here original. Make sure it has more than 600 words of great and stimulating content.
  • Not all articles are accepted. Please understand that this is not a rejection of you personally. As a writer you and I must separate ourselves from our creations, otherwise we will be offended and offence often stalls creativity. It is simply a rejection of the article and you will probably be able to post it on another blog, if not your own. However, a resubmission of another article will always be welcomed.
  • By submitting an article to Motivational Memo you are simply granting us the right to keep it on our site and you are agreeing not to submit the article to anyone else’s site. Know that your name will remain with the article at all times.
  • Write your article in a WORD doc and send it through attached to your email. Include a short bio of yourself at the end of your post! If you look at any recent article on this site, you’ll see a “written by” section. Be sure to include that to speed up the process.
  • Include bold sub headings spaced throughout your article. People read these after the main heading before they will read the whole article.
  • At present I am publishing one guest article per week. So please be patient with your submission as I publish at this rate.
  • The subject you choose to write about is not as important as that you inspire.

All in all it’s simple. Write something that’s honest and email it to me. Be sure to include a small bio that I can include with the article so everyone knows who wrote it.

Please make special note: Put the title of the post in the subject line of your email…this is HUGE because it lets us know the topic quickly.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

Be blessed!

Peter G. James Sinclair

All future submissions should be sent to peter(at)

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