Sinclair Family Crest


‘I was never satisfied with the crests handed down to me through my Scottish lineage.

As a believer I felt that I was born afresh from a spiritual bloodline which to me is just as important as my physical bloodline.

No disrespect for the Scots, but…

The tree, as represented in the crest, though burnt(and in Australia we have a lot of bushfires), is in the shape of a cross and is giving forth a green shoot. This speaks of resurrection and new life.

For me, this is my personal mission – through the use of my writing gifts and other talents that I have been endowed with – to assist others who may have been burnt or maimed – physically, mentally or spiritually – to rise from the ashes of their lives and to become all that they have been created to become.

This in fact defines everything I do in business, with my blog, my books, with my personal relations with others and the causes that I support.

This is the legacy that I wish to hand down to my children, my children’s children – and for generations to come.’ – Peter G. James Sinclair

Left Hand Side Of Crest (enlarged)

Right Hand Side Of Crest (enlarged)


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