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I love hanging around people who are passionate…they inspire me, they refire me, they ignite the desire within me to be the very best me that there possibly can be. And that is why I hang around visionaries and go-getters and people who are far more successful than myself in their own field of endeavour.

That’s why when I read a book that has really impacted my life I write a letter to the author or shoot off an email to them with positive comments and at times questions so that I can learn more. And in most cases I have received a personal response back and have created a brand new friendship. These are my mentors and I aspire to be as they are.

I refuse to spend a lot of time around people who are going nowhere. If I am to be led by anybody I must be following a leader who is going somewhere. They must be on a mission if I am going to submit myself to their commission and they must be passionately pursuing their vision, whatever that may be.

Passionate people don’t stay long in a rut. They kick them out. And that is why passion will carry you through until the fulfilment of your vision.

And how do you develop passion? You discover your strengths – the things that you love doing – and you do whatever it takes to use those strengths and by so doing your life will be strengthened from strength to strength.

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