Escape From ‘Scare City’

Where do you live? ‘Scare City'(scarcity) or ‘Abundance Metropolis’? In order to get there though, you are going to have to cross ‘De Nile’, better known as the river ‘denial’. But what must you deny? You must deny anything that would stop you from attaining success. Yes, the success that you’re so richly entitled to […]

Action Selling

Both myself and my sales team have been studying material from a fabulous book called ACTION SELLING by Duane Sparks Here is my summary of the book… SYNOPSIS OF ACTION SELLING Preface: You are going to make a lot of money. A sale is a  drama  with the action moving toward a predetermined conclusion. […]

Growing & Going

Over the past six months or so I have been preparing to franchise my Web Design company . The first step was to hire a business coach. I realised that if I was going to change my business dramatically, I needed to grow internally before I could go where I had never gone before. It’s […]

The Ramification Of Taking Action

The fact is that you are never going to please everybody all the time. Anyone who ever dares to take action is going to ‘cop flak’ at one point or other. Does that mean we avoid action? Does that mean we all hide in a hole and never tempt fate and the criticism for our […]

Miracle Week

Here is a copy of an email I sent to my staff at ‘OE Design – The Web Designers’ during what we have called MIRACLE WEEK…. I just want to encourage you to pursue your own ‘Petitions’ for your own personal financial needs and heart’s desires….and if you need someone to agree with you and […]

Notice The Nudges

In many cases, disasters can be avoided in our lives by simply doing one simple thing: notice the nudges. Throughout the years I have done this with my family, my staff and with my friends. But I have also seen other families, businesses and churches fall apart because people have failed to notice the nudges […]

Millionaire In Less Than A Minute

I was recently told that more millionaires are made in hard economic times than in good times. They’re a little bit like a donkey I read about. They develop the ability to take a disastrous situation and turn it around into a wonderful freeing opportunity and it only takes them less than a minute to […]

How To Avoid The Premature Birth Of Your Dreams

One of the challenges that those of us who have dreams often face, is to clearly understand timing. But as an avid vegetable gardener (and I even have a stainless steel shovel to prove it) I have come to understand one thing. And that is, that there is a time lapse between when a seed […]

A Little Help From Your Friends

Alex Haley, the author of Roots, used to keep a picture in his office of a turtle sitting atop a fence. He kept it there to remind him of a lesson he had learned years before; “If you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he had some help.” Haley remarked, “Anytime I […]

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