I returned for the second time for a scheduled appointment with a potential client the other day. The first appointment – I had arrived at the set time – and for some reason the time had been double booked and the lady whom I was to see was already with another client. I was asked to […]

Moti-Motion: The Truth Behind Motivation

What is motivation? Motivation is the motivating force, stimulus, or influence. It is the incentive. It is the drive. It is the petrol. It is the spark. It is the dream. It is the idea. It is the inspiration. It is the beginning of all things. For without motivation there will never be the moti-motion […]

The Master Idea

I just read an inspiring article in a magazine I picked up recently….here is an excerpt from that article….with a few of my added notes… “Nothing else in the world….is so powerful as an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo A corporate Master Idea has the power to ignite and propel a company in […]

The Oppression Of Depression

When one of my business relationships failed and I resigned as director of the company, my life plunged into despair and misery. In retrospect, I can now see that I was in fact going through a period of mourning. There had been a death of a relationship and of a dream that had driven me […]


I recently had the following information shared with me at a seminar on how to live a life of excellence. So let me pass it on to you… Build with purpose and passion. Identify problems and search for answers. Be original by learning from others successes. But at the same time pursue your own. Help […]

Life Coaching

Just this past week I took on the role of coaching my son’s soccer team. The only way I would agree to do this though was to get each of the players written agreement that they would attend all training sessions. I appointed a Manager, who is one of the fathers of one of the […]

Discretion Preservation

There is an ancient proverb that says: ‘When wisdom enters into your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul; discretion will preserve you and understanding shall keep you.’ When you combine both wisdom and knowledge you get common sense. But then add to that formula discretion. Discretion means the quality of being discreet; circumspection;having […]

Your Business Is Your Calling

I had the awesome privilege of listening to the General Manager of Gloria Jean’s Coffee during 5 events that were held at my church recently. One of those times was a private meal with both Peter and Sue Irvine with a number of business and corporate people that I know. From 1 to 342 franchised […]

Hitting The Wall

Last week I ‘hit the wall’! It was Thursday, and it was like any other day. But one thing was different. I was feeling rather emotional. Teary. For apparently no reason at all. And for you guys who don’t think it’s manly for us men to cry, here’s what I’ve done in the past. When […]

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