The Guide Laws

My youngest daughter recently came home from a sleepover with the Girl Guide’s group that she is part of. She seemed to have a great night indulging pizza, lollies, movies and a minimal amount of sleep at the Girl Guide’s hut. When she was first recognised officially as a Girl Guide she was proud to […]


I have just been reading Psalm 1 and as I read I was so encouraged by the promises God gives to the righteous. – blessed – like a tree planted by rivers of water – bring forth its fruit in its season – whose leaf shall not wither – whatever he does shall prosper Why? […]

Languishing Leadership

Stop waiting for somebody else to do something. Stop pointing your finger at those leaders whom you feel are not doing enough. With one finger pointed in their direction, there are three pointing straight back at you. I have learnt, that if I ever see leadership languishing; yes those leaders whom I’m following who have […]

I Hate Ruts

Exceptional service is service that is out of the ordinary and relates to or forms an exception. It is unusual, remarkable and superior. Exceptional products stand out from the crowd. They perform at a higher level, last longer, give more value for the dollar, provide comfort or convenience to our lives and are the ones […]

Don’t Be Pushed Around

The older I get the more determined I have become to fulfil the destiny that God has set before me. I refuse to be pushed around by what other people think is a great idea. I know my God and I know what He’s called me to do. No man can replace that. And when my heart […]

Creating Wealth

Here are some great thoughts from my favourite mentor – John McGrath: Figure out the rules. Develop the necessary skills and implement a wealth plan today. And here’s another powerful thought…. ‘If we can do just a bit extra each day, push a little higher and further, we will end up with massive improvement in […]

The Lesson Of The Kite

It was a windy day. Perfect for kite flying. All the neighbours seemed to come out to watch the event and it wasn’t long before the new ‘aeronautically engineered apparatus of flight ingenuity’ was launched on its maiden voyage. As my friend, David, who was holding the kite, ran the length of the park, he […]


Here are some great ideas on mentorship and leadership that were recently shared with me – based on the life of Moses’ father in laws instruction to Moses found in Exodus 18. Recognises the grace of God on your life and examine your potential. Who speaks into your life is very important. Be surrounded by […]

Wisdom For Life

Sitting in a coffee shop yesterday between appointments I pulled out my trusty Message Bible – to tap into the wisdom of the ages that I rely on for every aspect of my busy life. Here are some snippets that related to both my business, social and family life. ‘…steady diligence pays off.’ Proverbs 13:11 ‘A […]

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