The Motivated Mentor


Although not a university student I was drawn to the library of a local university with a mission in mind. That mission was to meet the minds of my mentors in a ‘thinking’ environment.

I had already begun reading personal development books for a number of years, and so was familiar with the names of some of the great minds that had lived throughout the ages.

But there was one name that continued to stand out as a giant in my mind’s eye, and his name was Ralph Waldo Emerson.

To my utmost joy I stumbled across some of his original volumes deep in the basement of the university library.

So it is here that I dined with the deceased, as it were, and met Mr. Emerson – who had passed from the earth well over a century before I ever read his words. His writing leapt forth from every page that I read, and injected life into the very depths of my soul.

As if it was ‘liquid gold’ I was inspired to pursue my own uniqueness, to discover my own voice and to begin to write and speak words myself that would impact my own generation and the generations to come.

And yet there was more. What followed was that Mr. Emerson introduced me to his mentors – and so I began to spend time in their company as well.

Before I knew it I had gathered around me the minds of men from throughout the ages teaching and advising me in my own personal ‘University of Success’.

However as I spent hour upon hour reading Emerson’s wise words, in the basement of that university, I remember sharing with a friend, that reading his writings was like drinking honey. Even though his language had a 19th Century flavor, there was a depth in his writings that I had rarely experienced whilst reading most contemporary motivational books.

From those volumes I chose the subjects that appealed to me, took reams of notes in pencil and then typed them up for future reference. All in all I summarized eight of his volumes, through the eyes of someone who had a keen interest in personal development.

Here are those notes – 70 pages in fact – for you to enjoy…which I have entitled THE MOTIVATED MENTOR.

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