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If you don’t believe in miracles or in a miracle working God don’t read any further….

As a Christian I believe in miracles. I don’t go looking for them or chasing them…but they happen time and time again in my life.

As far as I am concerned – being alive is a miracle in itself.

But this past year I have personally experienced two miracles relating to my health and want to share it here in my blog….I trust that as I share my heart in this way that you may be challenged to BELIEVE in the miracle worker…

‘In the course of our discussion of the week’s questions in our weekly home group one of the members of the group was sharing some of his testimony and at one point started to share about the miracles that had occurred with people’s teeth he had prayed for….fillings turning to gold and silver.

As he shared his testimony I could feel a stirring in my lower jaw. It was as if Jesus the Dentist was starting to do a major surgical work within my mouth. And even as I type this testimony, some 10 hours later, that same sensation is still occurring in my lower jaw. Jesus hasn’t finished with my mouth yet. Because the sensation was growing and growing, as he continued to share, I urged him to pray quickly. I closed my eyes and put my two hands on either side of my mouth. At that moment God just dropped such a huge bucket of his love on me that I began to shed a tear or two. I knew for a fact that He was doing a major work on my mouth. This mouth, that from a little child has been a major battleground explored by dentist after dentist after dentist was now being worked on by the biggest dentist yet, God himself.

On returning home after the meeting the miraculous work was revealed as my daughter, my wife and I stared into our bathroom mirror with mouths wide open. My wife is now the proud owner of a set of gold fillings replacing the black and as I opened my mouth the presence of shiny silver had overtaken the black mass that had been there before.

But one tooth in particular has caught my attention. Up until last night it was entirely black. Only the shell of the tooth was holding in a huge amount of black filling. But after last night, in the midst of the black was appearing not gold, not silver, but in fact a brand new tooth. Even this morning, as I’ve had another look, the black is now turning to a lighter shade of grey and more tooth has appeared throughout the night. I can feel God working on that tooth even now as he is recreating a brand new piece of tooth molecule by molecule.

All I can say is ‘Praise the Lord’. I have known Jesus the doctor many times in the past, but to know Jesus as my Dentist is a blessing and a refreshing revelation. There is power in the word of our testimony. Nothing is impossible to Him. ‘

And here is the other miracle…

Fast asleep in my bed this morning I began to dream and the dream was this….

I, along with a whole lot of other people, was standing in a green field overlooking a beautiful valley. There was a man who was praying for various ones in this field on the hill and each and every one were being healed of some sickness or other that they were suffering from. There was one man, whom I did not recognise, not more than a few feet away from me, who was prayed for and he landed flat on his face straight into the green grass with a thud. It was rather comical to watch and I could sense a smile rising on my face as I observed it.

There was someone between me and that man who had landed face first in the grass, but the one who had prayed came over directly to me. I must have been standing because before I knew it I was flat on my back. Then the strangest thing happened. The one who prayed for me lay across the top of my chest. The very next minute I was up on my feet and I found myself talking to this one who had prayed for me. We were discussing about the owner of the fields and his response was that God was the owner. At that point he leant across to me and kissed me. Not a full kiss but a gentle kiss on the right side of my mouth.

And then this man moved off with another one walking down the hill and I mentioned to him that I would walk to the other side of the field. I had much to consider, because something special had just happened. I didn’t know exactly what. But something had happened.

It was at that point that I suddenly woke up. As I leapt out of bed, and it was 5.20 am at the time – I made it a point to look at my clock, I immediately lifted my right arm right above my head with my left arm doing the same simultaneously.

Why did I do that? Well last year I suffered what was called a frozen shoulder where my whole right shoulder was totally incapacitated. It was like the ball in the shoulder had had been locked with superglue. At one point I had acupuncture treatment (once only) and after that treatment which was an unpleasant experience, I decided that I would believe God for my complete healing. After a number of months I did receive a wonderful healing at home but still had only about 97% freedom in the movement of my shoulder. But this morning I have experienced a complete release – 100% total freedom of movement.

So after lifting both arms right up and above my head, something that I had not been able to do for the last twelve months, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and began to weep and weep and weep. I suddenly realised that the one who had prayed for me, who had lain on me and who had finally kissed me had been Jesus himself. I was not crying because I had failed to recognise him like the two men on the road to Emmaus (though I must admit that I felt somewhat silly for not recognising him immediately), but it was the fact that I was loved.

Even right now as I write this testimony wave and wave of emotion keeps flowing over me, and the most wonderful thing that I felt and even feel right now is that I am loved, I am loved, I am loved.

For even as I lay sleeping in my bed, Jesus, through his precious love and grace decided that this here stiff shouldered fellow deserved a visit. Why? Not because I’m anything special, but simply because he loves me. WOW!

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