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Here are some great ideas on mentorship and leadership that were recently shared with me – based on the life of Moses’ father in laws instruction to Moses found in Exodus 18.

  1. Recognises the grace of God on your life and examine your potential.
  2. Who speaks into your life is very important. Be surrounded by assessors, constructive assessment.
  3. I need a mentor who asks me the right questions. Ask right questions to right people. Questions trigger learning curve and revelation.
  4. Recognise you can’t grow in isolation and you need a team.
  5. A mentor needs to identify my current capacity that I can enlarge from.
  6. I must remain teachable. How I respond is important.
  7. Embrace a different approach to your work – paradigm shift – daily routine.
  8. Maintain pure motives.
  9. We must identify the burden bearers amongst us. Give them a go!
  10. We must learn to delegate effectively.
    1. I DO – YOU HELP
    2. YOU DO – I HELP
    3. YOU DO – I WATCH

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