Mentors Wanted – Dead Or Alive

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‘In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.‘ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

My life has been dramatically impacted by two key elements – especially throughout my adult life. The books I read and the people whom I associate with.

These have been my mentors.

But what is a mentor anyway? A wise and trusted counselor or teacher – an adviser.

My mentors have come from two places – those from the present and those from the departed.

They have counseled, taught and advised me both – in speech and in the written word.

They have corrected me and realigned me, inspired me and fired me with their insight and with their wisdom.

Their stories, their quotes, their lives, their minds – all entwined together -have urged me to be the best me possible. Therein lies the power of the mentor – both dead and alive.

Huddled In The Basement Of The University Library

The most impacting image of the work done by a mentor on his student was of me as a young man desperately searching for his voice.

Although not a university student I was drawn to the library of a local university with a mission in mind. That mission was to meet the minds of my mentors in a ‘thinking’ environment.

I had already begun reading personal development books for a number of years, and so was familiar with the names of some of the great minds that had lived throughout the ages.

But there was one name that continued to stand out as a giant in my mind’s eye, and his name was Ralph Waldo Emerson.

To my utmost joy I stumbled across some of his original volumes deep in the basement of the university library.

So it is here that I dined with the deceased, as it were, and met Mr. Emerson – who had passed from the earth well over a century before I ever read his words. His writing leapt forth from every page that I read, and injected life into the very depths of my soul.

As if it was ‘liquid gold’ I was inspired to pursue my own uniqueness, to discover my own voice and to begin to write and speak words myself that would impact my own generation and the generations to come.

And yet there was more. What followed was that Mr. Emerson introduced me to his mentors – and so I began to spend time in their company as well.

Before I knew it I had gathered around me the minds of men from throughout the ages teaching and advising me in my own personal ‘University of Success’.

Now For The Living

But now fast-track forward to today and I now enjoy the company of many mentors – especially in the wonderful world of blog-dom.

Every man and every woman that I have had and continue to have the privilege of getting to know on a deeper level, through the power of the internet, have also been added to the prestigious staff of my ‘Academy of Successful Living’.

This is my cry – ‘May the faculty continue to grow in wisdom all of their days’.

Now For Some Discussion: Who is your mentor, and whom are you mentoring?

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