Massive Capacity Expansion

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My pastor shared a powerful message at our recent vision night about how we need to enlarge our territory, that we have an assignment on our lives to fulfil, and that we have been called to have a big capacity.

Now what is capacity?

The ability to contain. But with the expansion of that capacity comes the ability and requirement of you to be able to hold more. And what does that look like? It unveils itself in the form of both responsibility and leadership. And at times it will often require you to go where others have never been.

In one essence it is the state of an explorer cutting through virgin and uncharted territory. It is not the place for the faint hearted, but rather the playground of the visionary.

So at the vision night we were reminded of that ‘insignificant significant’ found in the pages of the Bible called Jabez. He is the one who had the audacity to cry out to God, ‘Enlarge my coast!’ And God answered him by giving him all that he asked.

So let me pose you a few questions that were put to me at our vision night…

  1. What are you dreaming right now?
  2. Do you dream impossible dreams?
  3. How big are you to take on God’s big task for your life?
  4. Who do you have around you, and can they go the distance?
  5. How much are you willing to pay for it?

Answer these honestly and prepare yourself for massive capacity expansion. With God’s help you have what it takes to do it BIG.

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