Long Live Passion

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If all of us have to constantly do that which is politically correct, or if we are never allowed to express our emotions through a raised voice or a heated exchange, then what will the world amount to?

At times the emotions need to be stretched and the opinion needs to be presented in a way that may break all acceptable etiquette – in order for a point to be brought across.

If I squashed my children every time an outburst occurred, I may as well have been given robots for children.

It is so important to allow for expression in those around us. Even the good book says ‘Be angry’ but balances that statement with the following ‘…but sin not.’

Humans were made to express. Each of us have this inbuilt need to be heard. And we as fellow travellers on this long and winding road need to at times simply be the ears that hear as another traveller dumps their load.

But as I read recently, one of the greatest questions that we can ask, once the person has shared their heart, is the question ‘What next?’

For once we have brough forth our opinions then we have a responsibility to do something about them.

But be passionate. For without passion nothing great has ever been achieved. LONG LIVE PASSION!

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