Living In The Land Of Excellence

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I attended a hair salon marketing seminar with my daughter earlier this week. (Yes here we are grabbing a coffee before the seminar started.)


Because I own a hair salon which is currently managed by her, and although we have grown the business by 75% in the past eighteen months we know that we don’t know it all, having never ever owned a business in this industry until early last year.

The amazing thing that we learnt at this seminar was that in one state in our nation, in the last six months, there have been more salons closing than opening. First time in living history to have such a thing happening apparently. People are giving up and are simply shutting their doors, fleeing their leases or selling their businesses at hyper discounted prices.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, our business is booming and we have our sights on purchasing another salon in the not so distant future with the goal of ultimately setting up a chain of salons.

That is why we invested in the salon marketing seminar, and in addition purchased another thousand dollars worth of training tools that we can now use to train our staff.

Excellence Requires Investment

Excellence is very much about having a willingness to invest in your own education.

I have done it for years. I have spent thousands of dollars on seminars and  tools when, if I had listened to my bank account, as it was screaming at me that I couldn’t afford it, I would have never spent a dime on seminars. But I have always chosen to be deaf to those cries and have boldly invested in my future.

When I emptied my bank account years ago to attend an Internet Marketing Seminar, I hardly understood a word that the young Internet Squillionaire said, yet from the flood of information shared with me I learnt just three things in those three days. That’s all I needed to turn those three ideas into a successful web design company that produced hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of profitable business and at one time even employed ten people.

Just this year I have already spent a further ten thousand dollars on my education in another arena of business, and am positioning myself to spend another forty four thousand later in the  year. That investment alone will position me to make millions in the next decade. Thankfully I am now in a privileged position to be able to raise that sort of money, but it hasn’t always been that way.

When I needed to learn how to grow my web design business I hired a coach for about twenty five thousand dollars. I didn’t have that sort of money in the early days of that business, yet the amazing thing was this, that as soon as I made the decision to hire the coach, and even before I had changed anything in my business, just my mindset, the extra money started to come in to pay him.  We doubled our income the very next year.

And even when I wanted to learn how to blog I hired a blogging coach.

This is what is required to live in the land of excellence.  You must be willing to pay the price – in advance.  For it is here that you begin associating and learning from those who are where you want to be, doing what you want to do and making what you want to make.

Saying I Can’t Afford It Just Won’t Cut It

But I hear so many people who say that they can’t afford a twenty seven dollar ebook.

That speech  – ‘can’t afford it’ doesn’t belong in the land of excellence.

The land of excellence demands positive speech, possibility speech and a willingness to position oneself to learn and then apply what you have learnt. That is excellence.

So the question I have to ask you is this: Are you willing to live in the land of excellence? If so, then are you willing to invest in your future?

This is not some exclusive and untouchable club.

However, your answer and your responsive action to those questions will determine your destiny and where you will find yourself living both now and into the future.

My prayer is that you geographically reposition yourself, your mind and your mouth to take up residence in the land of excellence.

You were born to live there.

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