Lasting Friendship

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I met up today with some friends whom I hadn’t seen for probably five years.

The amazing thing though was that we just simply picked up from where we’d left off. They had an additional member in their young family and the baby that we met five years earlier was now a happy little young lady and their eldest, who had been a young boy at the time, was growing now into a strapping young man.

Friendship warms my heart. It’s a joy. Time doesn’t tarnish it. Age doesn’t decay it. True friendships last and last and last.

But the most important thing about this friendship is that it has been built on complete honesty and love.

Nearly fifteen years ago, when the friendship first began, I had to confront my friend about some issues that he was involved in that could have ultimately harmed his life. I cared enough for him that I was willing to risk losing his friendship by speaking openly and honestly. It was tough. It was hard. It was direct, but it was said in a spirit of love and respect.

That is why I believe our friendship is still strong and will continue to last throughout the ages that lie ahead.

We now inspire each other and we encourage each other. And time has not interfered with our deepening friendship and respect that now embraces the growing families that we both now have.

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