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Do you like this story?

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I wrote this in an email to my eldest daughter who is currently pregnant with her first child…

Having a grandchild on the way sorta pulls out the creative poetic side of me. I felt as though I was writing it for the beauty being created  within you.

Wrote this poem on Sunday. (see below)

Felt a bit like Dr Seussish in fact.

I think that once I have grandchildren I’ll be writing some new and fresh stories to tell them – poetry or prose we will see. But there will be a great reason to do so.

Just thought I’d share this one with you.

I was curled up reading  some old poetry – one of the books you bought me.

See what you caused.

Keep ’em coming.

Love ya.


Lazy Dazy

Lazy dazy

Pudding, pie

Feet up, head down

Read – Do try!


Sunday arvos

Spent at ease

Charge the batteries

Life new lease


Rugged up warm

In silent nook

Turn each page

Of curled up book


Dog extended

Just nearby

Breath expended

Do or die


Feast on poets

Dine on lives

Lived – long gone

Their words still thrive


Wind does whistle

Rain does splat

Clouds do dash

From there to that


Sleepy deepy

Droopy eyes

Dreary dreamy

Make thoughts fly


Imagined world

Visions bold

Paints a picture

Splashed with gold


Mountains climbed

Oceans crossed

Darkness veiled

Sun embossed


Purples, pinks

Orange, red

Grassy plains

Flowery beds


Jungles, deserts

Peaks and plains

Forests, grasslands

River’s veins


Battles raged

Wars of world

Victory snatched

Peace unfurled


Lazy dazy?

Such kerfuffle

Mind is racing

Brain is ruffled


When one’s still

Thoughts do pace

Ponder on

The human race


When one’s still

Thoughts do race

Ponder deep

Amazing grace


Amazing space


Amazing face


Amazing taste


Amazing waste


Amazing case


Amazing place


To spend


Our lazy dazy



(c) PGJS 2012

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