Interview With Scott Dinsmore; Adventurer, Life-Experimenter & Learner

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Scott Dinsmore  is the founder and Chief Experimenter of

Scott describes himself as  a die-hard adventurer, life-experimenter, writer, personal freedom coach and value investor, in search of the extraordinary. For the past 8 years he’s run experiments on himself and others to better understand what lights us on fire.

He is crazy committed to discovering the work his readers love doing and using it to put a dent in the world through his writing, coaching and his quest to document 1,000 Living Legends around the world. He lives in San Francisco, is married to his college sweetheart and gets out to explore the world as much as absolutely possible.


A Sneak Peek Of What’s In The Interview…

  • Hear why Scott is always encouraging his readers to ‘define their success’.
  • Learn more about the term ‘action based’ reading and how it differs from conventional reading.
  • Scott reveals his exciting plans to document 1,000 Living Legends around the world. This is worth listening to.
  • Chin Ning Chu writes ‘A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others’ and Scott expands on this quote of how he has achieved that so far in his life.
  • Hear about his decision to start up his own company and how this has changed his life.
  • He also adds why he is fascinated about pushing his physical and mental limits and then sharing it with others.

Plus a whole lot more…

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