Intelligent Beginnings

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‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again…intelligently’ Henry Ford

I am so thankful for my mistakes. They have allowed me to take from my ‘misses’ the lessons I have learnt in the process, so that I can reposition myself intelligently to try again.

Some people I have known throughout the years have allowed their mistakes to literally bury them. And when I write bury, I mean exactly that. They have entered an early grave. And then there are those who have given up while still breathing, and are now literally walking dead-men – who have allowed themselves to  be confined to a future that is defined by hopelessness.

But I have great news for you. Neither of these two scenarios need to be yours if you simply see that for every loss that you experience that there is a lesson to be gained.

That is why Henry Ford was able to confidently declare that failure has the ability , if you let it, to increase your IQ. In fact, by analyzing your failures, and by dissecting them – to unveil the hidden jewels that are crying out to be discovered – you will increase your intelligence.

And it is that intelligence, gained through real life experience- with a positive attitude – that will equip you to face and overcome any other challenges that you may find yourself facing in the days to come.

Don’t be afraid of beginning again….intelligently.

And never allow failure to bury you, but rather guide you all the way to success.

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