Inspiration, An Australian & An Englishman

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You can never really know for certain of the impact you can have upon the lives of others as you share in the blogosphere.

But from time to time you are reminded that through the transparent sharing of your life’s journey you can actually affect – in a positive way – the life of someone on the other side of the world.

Now before I share this email that I received from Paul with you – let me recap how I was first introduced to him

I received a letter in the mail from London from Paul promoting a powerful success system. At first I was somewhat skeptical, but with further investigation I discovered that this system really did contain proven principles and success strategies that explained the exact steps to money, fame, status and the freedom of financial independence.

80 years ago a meeting of masters took place in London England to help create a unique and practical success system – the likes of which had never been done before, or indeed since.

It was here a team of “success experts” were assembled and called in by a daily newspaper to create a unique self-development plan that would help the average person better themselves and their positions in life. What started out as a single volume soon became so big, it was broken down into 12 books. This would also help the newspaper attract and keep readers by forcing them to save vouchers for each book.

It worked.

The course was taken up by hundreds of thousands of people and the Daily Herald became one of the best selling newspapers of its day.

Paul took this original work and has made it available to us for the ridiculously low price of just $27.

He even sent me a copy of one of the original volumes so that I knew for a fact that it was really a true story after all.

Hear more about this awesome offer here.

But now for his email…

Hi Peter

….things have been a little hectic here because one of my clients is a college and the A-Level and GCSE school results have recently come out so the college has been busy recruiting and busy using AdWords and other marketing.

I’ve also started a new hobby after reading one of your blog posts a while back where I think you were talking about goals and how you and your wife started taking 3hr walks at a national park.

It got me thinking “3hrs?? For a walk?? What could I do that would last at least 3 hours and get me away from the office and away from thinking about projects and work?”

I used to metal detect and have found quite a few interesting bits, Roman coins, silver hammered coins, spoons etc. and some genuine treasure that the museum has recorded.  Looking at your post where I think there was a picture of you hugging a tree (!) it just sparked off something in my mind and I pictured you walking and not being sat at a desk.  So I set a goal with a friend to go metal detecting . . . in the water!

As a result of that goal, we both bought new under water metal detectors, wet-suits, snorkels and masks and took the plunge into the sea.  You may not believe this, but I have NEVER been in the sea before!  It was always too cold, too wet, and too scary.  But in the last few weeks I have been out every Sunday and seen a new world that looks amazing even though I don’t yet venture past the surf and last Sunday found a ring which is believed to be from a shipwreck from 1562!

I have set goals for a long time for business but never for a hobby.  But by setting a hobby goal it meant both my friend and myself committed ourselves and bought the machines and followed through and got into the water.  As a result, I haven’t laughed this much in years and the working week feels so much fresher.  Maybe you could write an article about putting a little adventure back into your life because it works wonders, as I’m sure you know.  And keep adding photos because as good as your article was, I’m sure it was the image of you walking and hugging the tree that caused an idea seed to be planted in my mind!

How are things with you?  Are you still getting out and enjoying your walks?

All the best,


So there you have it. My walking through the bush sent an Englishman to the bottom of the ocean – and yes I am still walking Paul – bumped into a python(that’s an Aussie expression) crossing the dirt track before us this past weekend. Amazing! Funny hey? Yet powerful.

So why don’t you share with us who you have recently inspired or who has inspired you lately?

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