‘Insist On Yourself: Never Imitate.’

Do you like this story?

Emerson wrote these words way back in the 1800’s, and yet they still ring true today.

My daughter, just this past week, completed a university essay entitled ‘Mass Media’s Discordant Attack On Music’ that detailed the impact of mass media on true creativity, particularly in the realm of music, and it too spelt out the need for the resurgence of uniquity in our society.

And I suppose that it in some way reflects my own personal cry: ‘Where are the unique voices? Where are the unique sounds? Where are those who insist on themselves and who refuse to imitate others? Where are those who swim upstream? Where are the trendsetters? Where are the original thinkers? Where are the creative sparks? Where are the intrepid explorers of the unknown? Where are the one of a kinds?’

Are we to be simply one of the crowd who is carried along in the raging flood of mass ideas, mass media, mass evangelism, mass hysteria or mass manipulation?

Or are we going to choose to stand alone, separate in thought, action and deed – refusing to be an imitator, but rather to be renowned as an initiator.

An initiator of change. An initiator of innovation. An initiator of original thought. An initiator of new beginnings.

A thinker. A dreamer. A visionary. A leader. A lover. A definer. A listener. An interpreter. A questioner. An original. A first. A smile. A handshake. A believer. A reader. A writer. Integrous. Wise. Discerning. Observant. Perceptive. Persevering. Positioned. Placed. Planted.

But to be these you will need to stand your ground. For there is much in our world that would seek to engulf your originality so that you slowly melt away and flow into the nameless masses and disappear. One day reappearing as a nameless blob called similarity.

Insist on yourself. Resist imitation. Be unique. Be who you are in the light as you are in the dark. Be transparent. Be accessible. Be vulnerable. Be non-conformist.

Be you.

And be proud of the you whom God created in His own image.

You. You. You.

That’s who. Rise up and be you. Be great.

For as Emerson added, ‘Every great man is a unique.’

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