In This House We Do Love

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Throughout the holiday period I have been enjoying reading poems while pondering on quotations and sayings written by others.

It’s amazing where they appeared at times. Sometimes in a musty volume. Other times in a shop window just like the one featured below entitled ‘In This House…’

In the midst of this I even added my own touch of poetical skills such as the one below entitled ‘Tapestry’ that I composed in a fancy journal that my son-in-law gave to me as a gift. At the front of the journal he hand wrote 12 wonderful quotations, poems and excerpts that I could feed on for 12 consecutive days. One was written by Pablo Picasso – ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.’

In This House…

We Do Real
We Do I’m Sorry
We Do Second Chances
We Do Hugs
We Do Mistakes
We Do Respect
We Do Fun
We Do Really Loud

Author Unknown


Fill me, fill me
Fill me now
Empty journal
Fill somehow
Share your thoughts
Write your dreams
Weave your hopes
Seam your seams
Create your life
Of what might be
A finely woven


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