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Self Development Mastermind is my first online course that I have ever created – and was formulated from the many wonderful answers that were supplied by many in my original survey – and as a result I am learning a lot.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have already started to purchase the course……but as a treasured subscriber to my writings I wanted to hear directly from you personally  –  what your thoughts are about how I have presented myself and my new course so far: http://www.selfdevelopmentmastermind.com/coaching

As I mentioned, I conducted a survey before I launched the course, but I trust you won’t mind if I ask you just a few more questions as I really want to make certain that I’m meeting your needs in the area of personal development.

At the bottom of this page, I have 3 questions that I would like you to respond to.

So please take just a minute to read the following…

Thank you For Helping Me To Provide A Better Service

If you were considering buying my program, what would be the best offer that I could give you to encourage you to sign up to a 6 month program such as Self Development Mastermind?

People have offered to pay between $47 to $97 per month for 6 months for this course….

But what price would you be willing to pay for a program that is made up of:

  • 6 modules entitled You Inc., Your Passion, Your Motivation, Your Success, Your Leadership & Your Action.

Module 1: You Inc.

  1. Defining & Positioning Your Personal Success
  2. Discovering Your Unique & True Value
  3. Discovering The Freedom To Be Yourself
  4. Discovering Your Brilliant Mind

Module 2: Your Passion

  1. Defining & Discovering Your Passion
  2. Digging Deep In Pursuit Of Your Passion
  3. Important Keys To Living A Passionate Life
  4. The Road To Wealth That’s Paved By Passion

Module 3: Your Motivation

  1. Motivational Foundations & Outcomes
  2. Motivational Building Blocks
  3. Motivational Strategies & Tactics
  4. Motivational Fortifications

Module 4: Your Success

  1. The Discipline Of A Successful Life
  2. The Development Of A Successful Life
  3. The Determination Of A Successful Life
  4. The Destiny Of A Successful Life

Module 5: Your Leadership

  1. Leadership Lessons
  2. Leadership Qualities
  3. Leadership Leverage
  4. Leadership Longevity

Module 6: Your Action

  1. Develop ‘Do It Now’ Action
  2. Be Defined By Action
  3. Demand Action From Yourself
  4. Make A Difference Through Action

And There’s More…..

Now here are my 3 questions (Answer in the comments section of my blog):

1. What would you pay per month for all of the above?

2. Would a one-off payment be more preferable than 6 monthly payments?

3. Do you have any other suggestions?

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