I Dare You

Do you like this story?

As children we would often dare each other to do something that required a degree of courage or foolhardiness.

It was more of a game than anything else which always produced interesting results. And if for some reason one of us failed to participate in the dare we’d be labeled a ‘chicken’.

The principle of the game though has been one that I have carried on and over into my adult life. I don’t need anyone to dare me. I actually make it a practice to dare myself. In fact, I often place myself in situations where i may just fail, but at the same time position myself to win. But in reality even if I lose I still learn.

Well I’m not going to be as cruel as some of my young playmates from my childhood. But I am going to dare you…

  1. I dare you to do something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet done.
  2. I dare you to book that holiday.
  3. I dare you to read that book.
  4. I dare you to dream that dream.
  5. I dare you to try something new.
  6. I dare you to book a meeting with that mentor.
  7. I dare you to speak only positive things in an at times negative world.
  8. I dare you to write down your goals.
  9. I dare you to start that business and to take control of your life.
  10. I dare you to THINK BIG.

So there’s ten. Can you add to that list?

But I’ve just realized that I can’t stop. So here’s number 11 coming your way…

11.  I dare you to dare yourself to do something daring, be something daring, live something daring, try something daring. To dare to be different. To dare to be outrageous. To dare to fail. To dare to win. To dare to try. To dare to be a champion. To dare to inspire others. To dare to just simply have a go. To dare to go against the flow.

Go on. I DARE YOU!

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