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I’m currently scouring the world in pursuit of a literary agent and publisher for my novella ‘The Creator’, and the response from my readers this past fortnight has greatly encouraged me to pursue this with an ever increased tenacity.

In the meantime I’m not waiting around for someone to say ‘yes’.

In the past I’ve self-published three books, and this time I’m going to start the ball rolling by publishing this one as an eBook. You can purchase your own copy today.

The response from my blog and newsletter readers has been so amazing and you can read what they’re saying at the bottom of this page.

But now I need your help…

Which Is The Best Book Cover?

Choose your favourite cover from the samples below and leave a comment below. That way you will go into the draw to be one of just three winners of the eBook version of  The Creator that is now on sale.

Sample Cover 1

Sample Cover 2

Sample Cover 3

Sample Cover 4

Sample Cover 5

‘Here Is What People Are Saying About ‘The Creator’

  • Hi, I was reading ‘The Creator’ on the plane from Johannesburg to London via Dubai. First I said that I was going to read only the first chapter. You know what? I ended up reading the all 7 chapters. ‘The Creator’ contains many truths. Thank you!
  • ‘I was already a big fan of Peter to begin with, but I had no idea that he was such an incredible writer. As I began reading the parable I became mesmerized by the words on the screen and was imagining the story in my mind as I read it. I love the part when Seth and Adam are having a conversation about how he came up with the names for the earths creatures. It made me chuckle. Hearing Adam tell his son Seth of his bad choices and poor decisions that he had made, and yet he was able to learn from his mistakes as we all do, was very inspiring to me. Part of being human is the fact that we are all fallible and even more importantly, is to be able to admit it. Here is one of many important statements in the Creator series: “One of his sayings was that ‘actions speak louder than words.” “ He would encourage his children, as they grew older, to watch what men did rather than listen to what men said”. Chapter 7 talks about the “Seven Ways of Creation”. By following these “Ways” we are certain not to repeat the mistakes and failures of those who went before us. I would read this section over and over again because these “ways” are so absolutely true. This has been one of the best writings that I have had the pleasure to read in a long time.’
  • ”The Creator’ really creates the reader anew. Brilliant work! I enjoyed reading.’
  • ‘This reading is so incredible. I really wish I had the words, as you do, to explain the impact it already has on me.’
  • ‘It’s a winner.’
  • ‘I cannot say enough about ‘The Creator’. It is brilliant!’


’One word to describe this chapter… MOVING! It’s like reading J.K. Rowling where every book gets better and fills in more of the mystery and adventure.’
  • ‘I would like to encourage you – I enjoyed reading it and I have to say God has given you a special gift!’
  • ‘I have just finished reading your parable. I have been on a spiritual/emotional quest for 9 months searching for answers in my life. During that time I have experienced incredible healing and insight into who I am. I think I have established my purpose but this is still to be confirmed. In the last few days I have been really battling with a particular issue that has caused me to be very strung out and discouraged. When I finished reading your parable I realised that I had a new calmness, like I’d found some answers. Like you, I am a Christian and I have been very pleased to find another Christian in this motivational field. All is not about the “Secret” and abundance. All is about sharing what we know and understand to make the lives of others more bearable and enriched. Thank you for the enrichment. Thank you for using your gifts for me and all the others who have benefited. God bless your journey.’
  • ‘A must read for anyone needing a fresh point of view on success, motivation and creativity! Stories are such a powerful way to teach life skills as well as aiding in memory. Similar in concept to “The Richest Man in Babylon”; it uses an intriguing and often controversial story that has been past down through time to teach us how we can live successful lives full of motivation, wisdom and creativity.’
  • ‘Peter, I’m loving this new and exciting style of writing. WOW!!’


’I’m on edge already! Looking forward to when the story unveils completely!’
  • ‘Peter G. James Sinclair is a very evocative writer who commands your attention with his writing style and story content. In this story Peter powerfully displays his creativity by leading you through a well known story of regrets and bad choices made in the past. The story is told so that the past does not capture the future giving hope to the family and humanity.’
  • ‘Peter’s passion is to inspire you not drag you down. ‘The Creator’ brings everything back to the beginning and allows you to start again, be refreshed and inspired without all the baggage we seem to collect on the journey. Keep inspiring Peter.’

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