How To Live & Die Rich

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richPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I recently read a sad obituary of a billionaire who had passed on. It recorded the fact that they had been known for their ‘bullish’ dealings in business and their unsettled family relationships resulting from three marriages.

A Sad Legacy

Now they may have been the owner of some other fine qualities throughout their lifetime, not noted in the obituary, but for me personally – to have recorded as part of my obituary the above details, is the leaving of a sad legacy.

A True Assessment

Success in life must be assessed by not just the bank balance alone, but rather by the measure and richness of the relationships developed by a life both in business, and in particular within the structure of the family.

All of us are flawed, but if we can live our lives in a state of love, forgiveness, the keeping of short accounts and of faithfulness – then we are traveling on the road towards a rich and prosperous life.

A Call To Living A Rich Life

So let me encourage you to go and make your millions. Make your billions if you so desire – but as you pursue these goals please make certain that you grow rich at the same time in all your relationships along the way.

And in growing rich – make giving richly a vital part of your overall wealth plan. For to give is to truly live.

And let your obituary herald – ‘He lived a rich life – rich in fine qualities, finance, family and friends.’

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