How To Find The Happiness

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I recently spent three hours with two individuals who seemed to have lost the happiness in their lives. To spend such a length of time with such negative companions is rare for me, but because of circumstances beyond my control it was unavoidable.

The fact is that joy had left their sorry lives, and those who surrounded them had also allowed the negative circumstance that had overtaken them to suck the very life out of their beings.

Even their family had spiraled into lives devoid of happiness. Bickering, mistrust and disagreement was a part of their daily encounters with each other. Not a shred of real happiness could be dug from the murky mire of unhappiness that had become their lot. They had allowed themselves to devote their entire lifetime to misery and miserable words that had encapsulated their miserable lives.

So how does one find the happiness?

Change your perception.

Bad things happen. It’s a fact.

Tragedy occurs. It’s a fact.

Death and sickness come. It’s a fact.

Bankruptcy pounces. It’s a fact.

And yet, amidst the darkest hours that any of us have to ever face there is always a sliver of light. Amidst the helplessness of hopelessness there is always an essence of hope…..if you look for it.

A speck of gold is found under a ton of dirt. A rainbow appears after the fiercest of storms.

We all have a choice. We can either stay fixated on the dirt and riddled with fear amidst the storm, or we can turn our eyes towards the speck of gold and seek out the spectrum displayed by the rainbow.

What will you focus on today?

For whatever you focus on will determine whether or not you will ever find the happiness that was designed for you to have in abundance.

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