How To Develop A New Way Of Seeing

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ Henry Miller

I am firmly convinced that the vast majority of battles that are waged in our life are the ones we fight in our  mind.

In order for you and I to fufill our destiny we must intentionally adjust our focus.

Nothing stands still.

Technology’s Development In My Lifetime

Things change in an instant in our fast tracked and technologically driven world.

In my lifetime I have  seen the landing on the moon on a black and white television screen.

Many years later I remember watching cricket  at a rich friend’s place and being amazed at how green the grass was when I experienced my first coloured television.

I have listened to music on a reel to reel tape recorder, a cassette player, a CD, an iPod and now an IPhone or iPad.

Then there was our first video player and then DVDs.

My mother was the first to own a computer in my family and it was a little box otherwise known as a Mac.

The entrance of the fax machine amazed us as we transmitted documents through thin air only to appear completely intact at the other end. My first facsimile machine was so expensive that I had to pay it off on time payment.

Then the phone that sat in a special corner of our home and had a real phone ring – where we all knew our home phone number and probably the phone numbers of our closest friends. Then there was the first mobile or cell phone and the fact now that I cannot recall anyone’s phone number except my own because I simply look for their name with the number already programmed into my iPhone.

Then I consider the massive changes that have occurred in the world of computers, where I now can sit at a table in a coffee shop and type this article free of any cords or bulky contraptions.

My businesses can now be operated and guided from any place in the world via the wonder of wireless and computer technology.

I now communicate with friends from years ago, that I had lost touch with and would have had incredible difficulty discovering where they were except for the medium of social media. I connect with family members and I do business through this facility.

I search for land and property opportunities via Google maps and other online tools that allow me to communicate directly with the owners of those properties without ever leaving my home office.

My blog is read by people from over 170 nations and it is not unusual for me to be communicating with people from Brazil, the Philippines and Montenegro.

We Must See With New Eyes

But it all comes back to our vision. For no matter how amazing the new technology has transformed our world, there are still many people who have not yet embraced it.

One of my businesses is in the hair salon industry, and I recently surveyed nearly every hair salon throughout my nation in towns who had in excess of 10,000 residents. The amazing discovery was that there are still well over ninety- five per cent, if not more, hair salons who do not own a website.

Our salon gains an incredible amount of business through online bookings, and through  the power of sms text messages, yet so many people in this industry have resisted to go with the technological advances that could add massive profit to their operations and set them streets ahead of many of their competitors.

Because I am also an active property developer and investor I am talking to builders, architects, developers and property owners, and the response from across the spectrum ranges from critical doom, gloom and lack of opportunity while there are others, like my property mentor, who has just pocketed $4.8 million dollars from just one of his latest property deals.

We live in a time of the greatest opportunity ever. We have technology at our fingertips that can enable those who have learnt to see things in a new way to create fortunes.

Retiring In His Twenties

I met with my son for a coaching session the other day. I love these times where I can guide my children and they are definitely my most favourite coaching clients. He is in his early twenties and was recently married. Apart from working a full time job he has been building an online business. At this time he is making more from his online business than his job and in the next five months, with his present monthly growth, will in fact double what he is making online in comparison to what he is making working Monday to Friday from nine to five for someone else.

So at that point he will be in the privileged position to make a decision to retire. Retire in your twenties? Unheard of? No – possible and happening before my very eyes.

So what do you see for yourself and your family?

Do you see disaster,  lack of opportunity, financial struggles, impossible hurdles?

Or do you see unlimited possibility, riches, wealth beyond your imagination, love and laughter, contribution, the ability to develop automated businesses that finance your trips into third world nations as a volunteer and take your children and grandchildren on the most amazing adventures to various parts of the world?

What is your destination?

What is the map that you are referring to?

You won’t find it on the TV nor in the newspaper.

You must reach deep into your soul. You must also begin to read materials that will stir your heart and inspire you to be all that you have been created to become. Then you must take action.

You Must Read The Right Books…

There are two contemporary books that I recommend you purchase to start that process of mind transformation…

The $100 Startup. You can read my book review here.

The Four-Hour Workweek

And while you’re at it check out my list of 15 books that totally destroyed my mediocre life along with the other personal development eBooks featured on my resource page.

Don’t allow your destination to be mediocre. Make it magnificent. It’s up to you to start seeing things in a whole new  and exciting way.

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