How To Design An Exceptional Life

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exceptional designPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Life is about building.

I am reminded of how a skyscraper is built. The bulk of the construction time is spent on building incredibly strong foundations. The higher the building, the deeper the foundations.

So if you’re going to design an exceptional life, then you’ll need to invest time and effort into the forging of your foundational character that will last you a lifetime.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes the care to do this, and it is for that reason, no matter how talented one is, I would like to present to you the two ways that you can approach life.

The first approach is to ‘let things happen’, and the second is to ‘make things happen’.

The ‘Let Things Happen’ Approach To Life Design

What are the characteristics of someone who floats through life and simply lets things happen?

A life like this has no goals, no plans, no strategies, no dreams and no hopes.

It simply takes each day as it arrives and hopes for the best.

This life thinks that if you keep doing what you’re doing that you will achieve different results to those who have been doing what you are doing – except for a much longer period than you.

This life imagines that by doing what their parents did that they will get a better outcome.

This life has no savings plan, no education plan, no investment plan, and in fact to sum it up – has no life plan.

They generally thank God that it’s Friday. They work the job, or if they operate a business, the business is more like their taskmaster rather than their servant, and they work harder and longer than their employees for less pay.

This is the lot of the one who lets things happen.

The ‘Make Things Happen’ Approach To Life Design

 This person lives a life on purpose. They thank God it’s Monday because they approach each week with a plan.

Whether they work a job or own a business, they have within their wallet or purse goals for their life that they refer to on a daily basis.

They enter each day with a well thought out plan prepared the previous day.

They bring to their workplace, and to their general environment, a vibrancy and an enthusiasm that is infectious.

They don’t wait for things to happen. They are people of action, and initiate change by doing it now.

They don’t wait to be asked. They do the asking.

They seek out ways and means to receive ongoing education, so that they position themselves to be leaders in their field of endeavour.

Their mouths are filled with positive and uplifting words.

They see trouble coming, and develop plans to either sidestep or avoid it – or even to seek out ways to benefit from it.

They include others in their success, and understand the benefit of teamwork.

To Design An Exceptional Life

So to design an exceptional life, you need to avoid living the ‘let things happen’ life, and spend the bulk of your days in the ‘make things happen’ arena.

For it is there that you will, day by day, begin to build nothing less than an exceptional life.

For an exceptional life lives exceptionally.

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