How To Create The Brilliance Of The Breakthrough

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The one thing I love about the cooler months of each year is the fact that I get to use my fireplace.

There are two components that I become mutually acquainted with during these months. One is wood and the other is fire.

As I was chopping wood this past weekend a number of lessons were thrust into my mind.

That’s one thing I love about life – even from the most menial of tasks we can learn some wonderful principle that can not only help us as the recipient, but also others as we share what we have learnt.

So here are three things that were brought to my attention:

1. The Splitting Point

Some time ago a friend of mine had a number of trees felled to make way for their new home, and as we had an open fire we were invited to remove the logs to use in our fire.

It has taken us a couple of seasons to use this wood – and the last vestiges of those trees were challenging me to transform those larger pieces into a much more useable size for my fireplace.

So out I pulled my trusty log splitter and began the process of one-by-one splitting the extremely hard wood.

With every downward strike of the log splitter I made a fresh dent in the logs. If I was lucky, I would time to time hit in exactly the same spot as before.

At times though it felt and looked like I would never split those logs for they felt as hard as concrete.

But after repetitive blows there would finally come a point where a slight crack would appear.

Hope shone and it encouraged me to strike again and again. Then, without further warning, the log would shatter into a number of pieces.

There was a splitting point – and through a consistent flurry of downward plunges and muscle bulges into the hardened core of the log the goal was reached and the wood was split, ready for the fireplace.

2. The Ignition Point

Once I took some of those logs inside and placed them in my fireplace it was now time to prepare the fire.

I generally place a bedding of twigs at the base of the hearth and then increase the size of the sticks and logs on top in order to start the fire.

But at times the fire fades and so once again I load more and more twigs around the smoldering logs.

Beneath are the glowing coals, and as the twigs are placed upon them the smoke begins to increase in intensity

As I watch the scene before me it would appear that nothing is going to happen – but experience has taught me otherwise. For there is a point – the ignition point – that will occur if you place the right and sufficient fuel on the glowing embers. Voila!

The fireplace bursts into flame because the time is right, the fuel is right, the heat is right, and warmth once again abounds.

3. The Point Of Pinpoint Perseverance

Both examples showed me clearly that if you wish to see breakthrough in any area of your life you are going to have to apply pinpoint perseverance. This is where you continue to expend effort and the appropriate fuel on a consistent and persistent basis – and through that application of effort you will find a way through and produce the desired outcome.

For there is a pressure that you must apply – not on yourself – but upon those things that have been placed into your hands – and you must push through – not being distracted from your goal – but ever focused on the results you are aiming for – and you will experience victory. You will experience the breakthrough.

Remember the wood. Remember the log splitter. Remember the glowing embers, and remember the application of appropriate fuel.

Where in your life do you need to apply ‘pinpointed perseverance’?

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