How To Create Magnificence Every Day

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After spending between 7am and 9am in one of four of my favourite local coffee shops Monday to Friday, I head to my office.

Often my staff will ask what I’ve been doing.

My response?

‘Creating magnificence!’

I actually don’t go to these outlets for the coffee. I go there to create articles such as you are now reading.

I’m on a personal mission. I want to create the most read ‘motivational, inspirational, positive psychology, personal development’ blog in the world.

So what’s that going to take?

It’s going to take a number of things. Here are just five…

1. Coaching

To even start considering such a feat I have attached myself to a coach. I have learnt that if you wish to become a leader in any field it’s a good idea to follow another leader. In my case, a leader in the area of building blogs with large audiences that is also profitable.

No matter if you have experienced success in other fields; you need to humbly sit at the feet of someone else who is further along the road than you are in the field that you have chosen to lead.

2. Self Discipline

I learnt the art of discipline when I studied piano for twelve years from the age of 6 to 18.

I learnt the need for self-discipline when I began composing my own songs – both music and lyrics – at the age of 14.

I developed self-discipline when I ventured into business for myself. No one was there to goad me on. I had to learn how to become my greatest cheer leader. I had to pursue sales and look and sound as though I was worth a million dollars even when my bank balance registered zero.

As a writer I had to discipline myself to write and self-publish the next book even though three books previously had been rejected by publishers.

I have had to develop self-discipline by speaking positive words when there was nothing positive happening in my life, and invest in my education first and empty my bank account even while the bills were screaming out at me.

I have had to develop the self-discipline of positive self talk and positive visualization.

3. Consistency

•    Consistent in effort.
•    Consistent in speech.
•    Consistent in dreaming.
•    Consistent in positivity.
•    Consistent in effort.
•    Consistent in reliability.
•    Consistent in keeping appointments.
•    Consistent in pursuing goals.

Consistent. Consistent. Consistent.

4. Persistence

Persist. Persist. Persist.

When others have quit around me I have had to learn to dig deep. When all seemed lost and dreams were dashed, finance fled, and opportunities passed by, that is when I have had to reach down to a depth never reached before in my life to pull out the quality of persistence to push on.

This is where I have persisted in action, persisted in prayer, persisted in dreaming, persisted in writing fresh goals, persisted in dusting myself off and going yet again in the pursuit of my God-given dreams.

5. Alliance

One thing I learnt a long time ago and that is that I cannot do it alone. I need to surround myself with a team of smarter people than myself.

In addition, to become a leader in my blog niche I need to align myself with other bloggers who are bigger than me, and develop relationships with them and create a win/win situation so that they too can benefit financially from my growth.

As I continue in the pursuit of creating magnificence every day of my life, that magnificence will flow over and on to people all over the world.

With readers already in over 132 nations, and with my current largest readership in the USA, India and the UK, I am continuing to build a strong platform for exponential growth – so that I can help more people become all that they have been created to become.

So how are you planning to create magnificence today?

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