How To Become Fearless

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Post written by Akash Gautam.

“Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It’s the mastery of it. It is about getting up one more time than we fall down.” – Arianna Huffington

Each and every one of us has at some point been overcome by fear. There is no shame in admitting that. Fear is a powerful and overwhelming feeling that has the ability to paralyse and confine.

I am no novice to the feeling. I know that paralysing feeling that grips your stomach and slowly your entire body, all too well. I feel it when I am about to deliver a speech or make a presentation, or when I get into any kind of confrontation, and every single time I try something new; whether it be a new job or venturing out into a new place with unfamiliar people. It has been my shadow for a long time. However, I have come to accept the role that fear plays in my life and I now practice becoming more skilful at responding to it.

Make a list of your fears

As Geoff Thompson would suggest, penning down your fears is a vital step in the journey to fearlessness. Write down everything, from your smallest fear to the one that keeps you up nights at a time. You do not have to share this list with anyone, but you must be willing to acknowledge to yourself what frightens you.

Growth lies in discomfort

Every professional body builder, athlete, performer, entertainer, martial artist is familiar with discomfort. In fact they seek it out. They realize that all growth lies concealed in discomfort; in breaking out of your comfortable space and venturing into unknown territory. No one is devoid of fear and everyone feels shaky, lacks confidence and is afraid, the first time they confront what scares them.

There are many kinds of discomfort: some are anabolic, while others are catabolic. In other words, some are helpful and others are harmful. It would be silly to lift a weight that causes muscle to tear, whereas it would be beneficial to stick to a healthy exercise routine, in spite of the discomfort. When we embrace discomfort, life becomes an exciting process of growth and learning.

Discipline and conditioning

The martial arts are a great tool to condition the spirit and the mind and help master fear. Although it is not advisable to go in search of learning an ancient and obscure art, such as “praying mantis” or any other shoalin style, it is definitely possible to learn either wrestling or boxing. These two forms are guaranteed to get you in the thick of things quick, and give you ample opportunity to work with your fears.

The journey and challenges

There is no easy process to achieve any real growth. Moreover, where would be the magic and the joy of life without pain, discomfort and difficulty. A cushy and smooth life, without challenges makes us more timid, more afraid and more closed as people. Challenges give us the opportunity to condition our spirit and open our hearts to the majesty of life.

The journey to developing fearlessness brings us closer to the immense potential of our beings. Although the path is hard, deep down we all recognize that it is perhaps the most worthwhile endeavour in life.

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer & a Blogger who loves to talk and tries to make people Happy, Energetic & Focused. 

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