How To Be Constantly Confident – The Ultimate Guide

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confidencePost written by Matthew M. McEwan.

In some situations you’re feeling totally certain about yourself, while in other situations you doubt every move you make.

Some days your confidence is high, while other days it’s low.

Does it have to be like this? Does confidence have to vary or is there something better?

The question is: Is it possible to constantly be confident in life, in whatever you face? I mean, just imagine feeling empowered during uncertainty or cool and courageous in brand-new situations.

I’m here to tell that it is possible. It’s called core confidence.

And no, I’m not going to tell you to do a bunch a stuff that just isn’t you. You see, the usual advice to increase confidence include things like smile more, speak loud, stand straight, ask a lot of questions, etc. Well, if that behavior isn’t who you really are, then I’m not going to tell you to do it.

There is another way.

The Secret To Core Confidence

First, just imagine yourself doing something you totally love. Because you love it, you’re probably also good at it, am I right? In essence, you feel certain about your capability to handle the situation.

That’s confidence.

Now go back in your mind to that situation and examine how you feel. I mean, really get back there. See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt.

Then ask yourself a few questions. In this situation,

  • What is going on in my mind?
  • How are you holding my body?
  • How am I talking, what am I saying?

Try to find the real characteristics of YOU being confident.

The reason I wanted you to go through this little exercise is because you have to find your core confidence. This type of confidence does not depend on the situation you are in or the skills you have. This type of confidence comes from within. That’s the real secret.

How To Always Remain Confident

The way that I have been able to use this fact is through the following method.

First, as I mentioned, you have to find what thoughts are in your mind when you are confident and how you behave when you feel totally certain. Then you take this so-called core and try to apply it to other situations.

Let me give you an example from my own life. I noticed that I was always feeling very confident when doing sports, such as playing football (soccer). The reason was simple – I had the skill and I liked the situation.

At the same time, I had noticed that I wasn’t feeling very confident when meeting new people. The reason was simple here too – I didn’t really know what to say and I didn’t really enjoy the situation.

So I took my “football-confidence” (or “core-confidence”) and placed it on to my “meeting new people-situation”. That meant that I started walking the same way I did when I felt totally confident. I started talking the same way, and I started having the same energy.

I basically took my behavior of being confident and used in another situation with great success.

And after doing this process more and more times it has actually become second nature for me. It’s as if this fantastically rewarding behavior has become present in whatever I do. I constantly feel confident.

And it’s a wonderful feeling. We all have the potential to feel this way. We just have to take our own confidence and use it.

So the first step is to find your core confidence. This will make it possible for all kinds of miracles. Next, it is vital that you try to apply this core confidence to all the situations in your life.

I mean all the time. When going to the bank, when buying a coffee, when talking to your manager. All the time.

This is the only way to form the habit of being confident.

And with a habit of being confident comes the habit of success.

Written by Matthew M. McEwan from His blog is loaded with advice and great articles for waking up early in the morning, and not to mention his quote collections – such as the most powerful procrastination quotes. He also recently launched a new personal development site: – When you want fast change in life.

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