How To Avoid The Premature Birth Of Your Dreams

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One of the challenges that those of us who have dreams often face, is to clearly understand timing.

But as an avid vegetable gardener (and I even have a stainless steel shovel to prove it) I have come to understand one thing. And that is, that there is a time lapse between when a seed is planted and when the fruit of that seed is harvested.

But how often do we, when we receive a dream, rush off headlong into one of two things: disaster or disappointment. And that, in many cases, is where the dream dies.

But may I encourage you, that when the seed of a dream is planted in your heart and mind, that you take time to remind yourself that there is a time to plant and that there is a time to reap. And there is also a time inbetween for growth to occur.

It may be weeks, or months or even years before that seed is fully grown.

But in the meantime, stay focussed, and be diligent in the daily disciplines of life by doing all the little things well. Demand excellence in everything you do and in due course you will see the unfolding of your dreams and the fulfilment of your heart’s desires.

Don’t let your dream die because you are forcing it to be birthed prematurely.

For as the good book states in Ecclesiastes 3: ‘There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth.’

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