How Breaking My Arm Taught Me About Teamwork

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I broke my left arm last week just below the elbow. It was early in the week, so the bulk of my week was spent enduring pain and discomfort. Entering my second week of recovery I have started to gain a bit of perspective.

Presently there is much I cannot do alone. Dressing is one thing. Typing two handed another. Shaking hands when I walk into a sales meeting holding my material is another. Even opening a door is a challenge. Putting deoderant under my right arm another. Playing the piano another. Driving has proved interesting. Answering my phone and trying to take notes simultaneously IMPOSSIBLE.

But through all these experiences I have discovered one thing – teamwork. When a member of my family irons my shirt – that’s teamwork. When they help me put on my shirt – that’s teamwork. When they do up my buttons – that’s teamwork. When my PA takes dictation right now of this blog entry – that’s teamwork. And on and on goes my list of successful tasks undertaken because I am ably assisted by another member of my team.

Without teamwork I could never achieve anything. We need each other, and the event of breaking my arm has heightened my appreciation of my team; whether it be family, friends or associates. It has also caused me to realise that it is as I work with my team that we can achieve far greater results than if I seek to do everything alone.

And as I have written before “Teamwork makes the team work.”

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