How Blogging Got Me A Mention In ‘The New York Times’

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Last December I sold my web design clients in order to release me to pursue my passion for blogging for my ‘motivational, inspirational, personal development and positive psychology’ niche.

So on December 22, when I handed my clients, of over 7 years, to the purchaser and he handed me the cheque, I plunged myself into writing for my blog like never before.

My Motivational Memo Blog had been in existence for a number of years, but I had never ever monetized it. I wrote because I loved writing about this subject matter.

That now was going to change, and while everybody was taking their Christmas holidays I cancelled mine and started blogging.

So let me share you some of the things that I started doing, and that in a short time got me a mention in The New York Times.

So let me give you an outline of what I started to do with blogging…

1. I Hired A Blogging Coach

One of the things I have learnt in business is this. If there is anyone who is where you want to be or making the money you want to make – you best sit at their feet and learn from them.

For my web design business I had hired a business coach at one time and in the next 12 months I doubled my income.

So it was no different with turning my blog into a money making machine. I hired Yaro Starak as my blogging coach.

2. I Wrote Like A Motivational Memo Machine

One of the early things I learnt was that good original content was a key to growing a blog. But not only that – I needed to come up with catchy titles.

Here are six that have proved to be extremely popular with my readers…

1. Snakes & Ladders – The Game Of Life

2. 11 Must Read Life Lessons From John Lennon

3. 27 Stunning Motivational Wallpapers Made Just For You!

4. The How To’s Of Time Management & Life Efficiency

5. 12 Of The Most Motivational Movies Of All Time

6. 5 Traits Of A True Friend

I committed to writing 3 personal blog articles for my own blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

3. I Wrote For Other Blogs In My Niche

One of the key things that I did in addition to writing great material for my own blog, was that I identified the leaders in my niche and started submitting articles – following their submission guidelines. Before I knew it I was being published in Dumb Little Man, Freelance Folder, Pick The Brain and many others.

My first Dumb Little Man article –  5 Sure-Fire Ways To Enjoy Every Day Of Your Life was the one that was picked up by ‘The New York Times’.

Many of these blogs also represented potential affiliate partners.

4. I Re-Branded Myself

I took a long hard look at my blog design and realized that many elements needed improvement.

Here are just a few that I made with the assistance of my web designer…

  • I put my face in the header to give my blog a more personal feel.
  • I set up a light box featuring a new eBook that I created so that I could begin to build an additional database other than my RSS feed.
  • I created a Motivational Memo Newsletter that is sent out weekly to my new database.
  • I added a personal video to my home page inviting people to subscribe.
  • I created a mobile version of my blog.
  • I set up a separate landing page to assist with the building of my new Motivational Memo Newsletter database.
  • I purchased AWeber software to handle all my mail outs.
  • I included social media icons with each of my articles so that my articles could be promoted by my readers.

5. I Promoted Through Social Media

The three main social media avenues that I have used to date are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but we are always testing out others as well.

This has been a great way to begin to build relationships with others who are interested in the subject matter covered in my niche.

6. I Commented On Other Blogs

Whenever I leave a comment on another blog I have always made certain that I leave a comment of value that adds to the great content that has been written by the author.

These comments have often led to interviews with the owners of those blogs.

7. To My Writing I Have Added…

In addition to writing great material I have added both audio and video presentations to my blog.

This has taken the form of Skype interviews with others, as well as putting me in front of the camera.

But getting back to ‘The New York Times’ – once I made the decision to really apply substantial effort to the growth of my blog – there I was – and since that day it has been ALL SYSTEMS GROW.

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