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Over the past six months or so I have been preparing to franchise my Web Design company . The first step was to hire a business coach. I realised that if I was going to change my business dramatically, I needed to grow internally before I could go where I had never gone before.

It’s one thing to have a vison, but it’s another thing to actually pull it off.

During the past three weeks we have seen significant growth in our business. But that aside, I suddenly realised that it was once again time for me to start growing on the inside again.

One of the ways that I help myself grow is through finding those books that will teach me new principles and new ways.

Rooting through a discount bookstore the other week I stumbled across two books that were made to order for this time in  my life.

The first was HAPPY MONDAYS – Putting the Pleasure Back into Work By Richard Reeves.  Reeves writes that “a full life means fulfilling work.” And that “happiness.. lies in meaningful work for all of us.” He also notes that “Albert Camus believed that ‘without work, all life goes rotten…and that Kahlil Gibran said work was , “love made visible.”

One of the reasons I read this book was not to make myself happy at work, because I love what I do. But rather that I ensure that I create an environment where my team are correctly positioned to enjoy their work. My role as an employer is matching their strengths to the tasks they undertake and by providing an atmosphere of ownership and contribution, where innovation and creativity is praised and rewarded.

 And that brings me to the other book I found – RESULTS FROM THE HEART – How Mini-Company Management Captures Everyone’s Talents and Helps Them Find Meaning and Purpose at Work by Kiyoshi Suzaki.

This book made my heart sing, because it reinforced my whole vision for my present and future businesses. To provide a place where individuals are given the freedom to explore the creativity that is found within each and every one of us.

As Suzaki writes…’every unit or every department is a mini-company, and each task force, committee, or project team is a mini-company as well.’

He adds, ‘In a practical sense, the mini-company is a group of people working together to accomplish a common mission at work. To contribute what they can to satisfy customers, all mini-companies have to prove their reason for existence – for adding value to the end product. Whether we call it a mini-company or not, all units and members of the organization have to work with this guiding principle.’

And as Antoine de Saint -Exupery said, ‘If you want to build a ship, don’t gather your people and ask them to provide wood, prepare tools, assign tasks…Just call them together and raise in their minds the longing for the endless sea.’

And Suzaki concludes that, ‘In a nutshell, this expresses the point of listening to our heart and findng the source of initiative and creative energy within us. Then, we have our brain and other resources available to us that can be put into effective use….It is as if we search for a harmonious solution of our brains and hearts with heart being the ultimate driver.’

So my journey continues as we step by step move towards the process of franchising OE Design – The Web Designers.

Growing and going….stay tuned!!!!


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