Grandad & Heaven

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Life is full of significant moments. This one I am going to share with you was very significant. I wrote the following email to my mother today as I recounted that moment many years ago:

Hi Mum

At our Connect Group the other night, which we lead – about 20 adults from our church meet every fortnight – a member of our group shared how they led their grandad and grandmum to the Lord.

That reminded me of the following event which I am compelled to tell you, as I don’t know if I have ever shared it with you before.

Your dad to me was a poor example of what a grandad should be. A birthday card and a couple of bucks each year with the painful experience of having to ring and say thank you every year – as a kid – didn’t give me a lot of respect for him as a man. I was actually more and more offended as the years went by.

But before going to Africa with my family, when Ben was one and Sarah was four, I was led to go and visit him. And as a family we did.

So while Shelley and the kids were inside with Aunty Poss, I was in the backyard with your dad. And it is there that he prayed the prayer of salvation as I led him to the Lord Jesus with tears streaming down both of our faces, standing face to face, and holding each others hands.

That was probably the last time I saw him, but I am so thankful that I will see him again in heaven.

I forgave him that day, and to this day I have deep respect for him as my grandad, because he gave me such a mum as you.

Just thought you should know…

Love you


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