Give Of Your Best

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When it comes to giving, if you can’t give of your best then refrain from giving.

Throughout the years I have been the recipient of some wonderful acts of generosity, but then there have been some occasions where I have been on the back end of some ordinary giving.

If you’re led to give your car away to another, then polish it, clean it, do some repairs to it, and make sure that it’s in perfect working order.

I have over the years given numerous vehicles away, and in return have received some interesting vehicular specimens. Now don’t misunderstand me or mistake me as an ungrateful soul – but although the four wheels received provided my family at times with necessary transportation, it also caused me to swallow my pride as I drove around for a time in a vehicle that I would not have even given to my mother.  In retrospect I would probably have been better off selling it and giving the money to the poor and walk. (In fact there was one time that my family and I did walk.)

For some reason there are people out there who think that if they give anything – good, bad or ugly – that they have fulfilled some saintly duty. But if you’re not proud to be the owner of the gift that you’re giving, then don’t give it.

If you give money with a lousy attitude then keep it in your wallet. If you give of your time begrudgingly then stay home. For if the only blessing in the process of giving is that you’re glad to get rid of an encumbrance, then don’t think that it’s going to be a blessing to the one to whom you’ve given. It could in fact turn out to be a curse.

So remember this – when you give – give of the finest. Give of the very best that you have to offer. Make it the cleanest, the shiniest, the most outstanding gift you can give, and remember this – that if you cannot do this – don’t give it.

Dump it!

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