From That Heart

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

I remember the first time that I fell in love with poetry.

I think it was when I heard read to me The Owl & The Pussy Cat as a child. Then as a teenager I had a teacher introduce me to the works of Geoffrey Chaucer and John Donne.

So from time to time I play with words – and as I was a song lyricist for many years and a librettist, I from time to time wander back and tinker with words.

Some time ago on Facebook I published this poem – and thought that it deserved a place on my blog. So here it is entitled – From That Heart. Enjoy!

There is a beat
That beats
Within the very depths
Of what completes
Emotion’s waves
Where feelings flow
And love does crave
A mind that knows

For from it pours
Thunder – lightning
And in the course
Of one’s life string
All tangled, tied
But still unbroken
In that state
Much left unspoken

Yet the sounds
Thump on, thump loud
Declaring pounds
Lived by the proud
Passion placed
Broken bleeding
Compassion’s taste
Destined heeding

For from crushed petals
Downtrodden, destroyed
Rise up the metals
Of army’s deployed
And from that heart
Bright shining sun
Men’s hearts are changed
To beat as one.

PGJS 2008

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