Five Lessons Twitter Can Teach You About Getting Ahead

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twitterPost written by Scott Huntington.

When it comes to personal development, it’s important to remind yourself to keep moving forward. Every now and then, you have to look for inspiration in the most unusual of places. In this case, we’ll explore five lessons about getting ahead in life – whether at work or in private – that we can glean from the social media conglomerate Twitter.

Lesson #1: Learn The Art Of Brevity

Being brief is necessary on Twitter. When you only have 140 characters, you tend to cut out all the unnecessary stuff and focus only on what counts. This is a trick that you can use outside of tweets, too. The next time you have to write an email, a homework assignment, a white paper, a proposal or anything else, try to say what you mean in as few words as you can. Your writing will be tighter, and your audience will be more likely to stick with you.

Lesson #2: Expand Your Network Both Online & Offline

In today’s hyper-online world, it can be tough to remember to take networking offline. One of the reasons Twitter is so popular is that it allows people to connect. However, you should connect with individuals in the real world, too. Make an effort to shake hands, join volunteer groups, and mix and mingle. Meet new people who share the same hobbies as you. I’m a Mustang guy, and I’ve met most of my friends by going to car events. It helped me grow my friend base and gain new leadership roles in Mustang clubs.

Lesson #3: Share Your News

Twitter is all about sharing everything, from the mundane to the exciting. We can all do more of this type of sharing in our brick-and-mortar lives, too. Of course, you shouldn’t share every single thing that you do; that would be boring. However, learning how to make small talk at parties and professional gatherings is a dying art form. Take a tip from Twitter: The next time you’re at a chamber of commerce function, ask everyone in your circle a question. It can be completely ordinary, such as, “Do you know of a good Italian restaurant in this area?” This will spark conversation and sharing in a laid-back way and keep the discussion flowing.

Lesson #4: Listen & Respond

No one likes someone who tweets in a vacuum. He or she becomes incredibly boring. As humans, we want to be heard. Listen to what others tell you and respond to what they’re saying. You don’t have to hold an opinion or take a side, but you should always acknowledge what you’re hearing. This is one of the skills that sets true leaders apart from those who simply are not able to get people to follow them.

Lesson #5: Organize Your World In Hashtags

Okay, you don’t actually have to have a hashtag for everything in your life, but if you’re someone who has trouble with organization, why not use the hashtag idea to declutter your brain and your life? For instance, if you’re trying to get a promotion at work and your desk is constantly in a messy state, and you can’t seem to complete tasks on time, it’s a longshot that you’ll be promoted. Begin to change your outlook by “hashtagging” your daily tasks, at least on a mental level. You could remind yourself to figure out the #DueToday items and see what the #StepsNeeded to complete them will be. It might sound strange, but if it helps you “up” your game, #WhyNotTryIt?

Lessons for your life and your work are all around you, just waiting to be discovered. You can find them in the cyber universe, as well as in your own backyard. Sometimes, they’re simply reminders of what you already know. That’s fine; every reminder pushes you to be a better person today and in the future.

Scott Huntington is a writer, blogger, and car enthusiast who loves learning and sharing about positivity and personal development. Check out his auto blog.

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