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Peter SinclairHi, my name is Peter G. James Sinclair and I’m a ‘heart to heart resuscitation’ specialist. I’m on a mission to pursue ‘uniquity’ in all that I do, and in the process I want to help others to discover their own uniqueness.

I believe strongly in the uniqueness of the individual and in the importance of pursuing our passion, and I want to help you to identify your strengths so that you can become the very best you that you can possibly become.

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5 Minute Interview: Peter G. James Sinclair

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57 Living Legends Expose The Moment that Defined their Passion

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Quotable Notables from the Blogosphere … Happiness

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Live Bold & Bloom

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How To Achieve Unexpected Success

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15 Unique Ways To Blog A Book


Blog Of The Week: Motivational Memo

Transformational Motivation

How To Find A Mentor: Special Interview With Peter G. James Sinclair

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