Dust Off The Dream

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I was challenged recently to dust off some old dreams that I had allowed to grow stale and rusty from lack of use.

It’s so exciting to dig them up again. It’s like being an archaeologist stumbling across an ancient relic and a new dig. For the old adage is true – where there is still life there is always hope.

It is never too late to refresh an old dream, to dust it off and go again. You simply need to relook at it with new eyes and renewed enthusiasm that is fired by your original vision.

So what dreams have you packed away in a box, stuffed in the attic or stored away in the garage?

It’s never too late to go again. You’re never too old to dream ridiculously outrageous dreams.

The only way you will truly fail in life is if you choose to stop trying.

Try. Try. Try. Try again.

Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail as many times as you need to until you succeed.

Pull out the old dreams. Restore the vision by buying yourself a brand new pair of visionary glasses. Put them on as you roll up your sleeves while surrounding yourself with your personal cheer squad, and dare to dream again.


Because dreams come true – and why not you?

Join me as we pursue our dreams together – and on our days of achievement let us rejoice together – in the fact that we had the courage to pursue our God-given dreams that were given to us to define our significant lives.

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