Dream Direction

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‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.’ Henry David Thoreau

Many live their lives being driven by circumstances – by making a living, by paying the mortgage, or by keeping up appearances.

May I suggest that there is a far better way to live your life. And that is to ‘go confidently in the direction of your dreams’. Make your dreams the compass that guides your every decision, and leads your every step.

At times the dream may even direct you to discard the acceptable, the normal, and to even abandon the status quo. But by doing so you will embark upon a life so exciting, so exhilarating, that at times it will even take your breath away.

To live a life totally bound by meetings, schedules, tasks, or programs can ultimately deaden the dream, if you let it. So make a point to at times choose to ignore the email, the voice mail, the diary entry, and pause to rediscover the dream. In confidence then take your next step in the direction of your dreams. Let it be the light that leads you through the darkness of a busy and demanding life.

Reach down into your pulsating heart and pull out your purpose. Reappoint. Reposition. It’s never too late. You will never ever reach your ‘use by’ date. Your dream is as fresh today as it was ten years ago.

All it takes is to confidently take a single step – the first step – in the direction of your dream, and you will be back on track, back in the game – ready to score the winning goal of a life lived well, and a life lived full.

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