Don’t Compromise Your Integrity

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Don’t compromise your integrity by looking for outward approval. To be true to yourself, you should seek the approval of you and your God alone.

For you are exceptional. You are gifted. You are talented. You are unique. You are chosen. You are born for a time such as this.

You have entered planet earth in order to complete mission possible. You have been endowed with a brain that is filled with ideas that are yet to be formulated. You have passion and need to discover how to channel the fire planted within your belly in the direction that your destiny should unfold.

You were born to dream. You were formed to be the visionary who will seek out the purpose for which you were created.

No matter what task you undertake, you have been designed to complete it with a spirit of excellence. To compete against your best efforts to date is your goal.

It doesn’t matter whether others approve or disapprove of who you are or of what you do. Your responsibility is to do your best – to please yourself and to bring a smile on your creator’s face.

So be proud of who you are and what you have achieved.

For no matter what quantity of talent you have been endowed with – use it, develop it, trade with it, expand it all the days of your life – and maintain your integrity by only ever seeking inward and upward approval.

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