How To Create A Magnificent Life

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magnificent life

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

The final speech of our life will be the one that is remembered throughout the generations. And you and I will spend a lifetime preparing that dissertation.

Your Amazing Performance

So what thought, what planning, what platform are you creating for that final analysis of a life lived on planet earth?

For the rehearsal is participated in every day that we breathe, with every word uttered and with every act expressed.

Many discard the moments as if they are only scraps that can be easily tossed aside. But let me enlighten you by revealing to you that every second wasted is as a diamond lost.

The Value Of A Life

  • For what price can you place upon a life?
  • What value is a finger?
  • What worth is an eye?
  • And the sum total of it all – what is the true value of a life lived to its fullest potential?

For the only common element that we share in common in this world is time itself.

And at the summation of all the collected seconds that have made up our life – what will be the contents of your speech that will openly reveal the true value of a life lived?

Let your end speak in a way that future generations will be inspired to launch their own momentous beginning and their own magnificent life.

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