Congratulations On Your Failure

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair & One Of His Readers.

I recently had this email conversation with one of my readers….and because I love the honesty shared by my reader and the inspiration that I always gain when I respond to the heartfelt responses of my readers – I thought it might be of benefit to so many more around the world….

Here is my reader….whom I will call James for sake of their privacy…

Hi, I just read your post about dreamers and at the end you invited your readers to get in touch with our dreams. So here’s mine:

I want to build a side income from iphone apps to support my family (as I’m an iphone developer), then I’ll be able to leave my day job. Once I have my freedom, I want to make ipad apps to help better organise doctor’s surgeries and lower their admin burden. From there I’d love to take it to smaller hospitals and then larger ones, using the ipad and other strategies to cut down on the admin and bureaucracy which seems to be choking our national health systems, as I’ve read that these days the hospitals employ more administrators than nurses/doctors, which is a huge waste of potential.

It’s a crazy plan and I don’t realistically think I’ll get very far with it. But you need a target to dream about right?

Thanks for your blog, keep it up 🙂

Hi James

Can I be blatantly blunt James….

You cancelled out your dream with this statement…

It’s a crazy plan and I don’t realistically think I’ll get very far with it.

That statement immediately nullifies your dream.

Change your talk and your write to ….

It’s a crazy plan and I realistically think I’ll get far with it – if I believe, take action, surround myself with a team, find people who compliment my weaknesses with my strengths, do thorough research, find out what it costs to create an app, invest my time and money, budget, put a plan in place, set goals…..etc.etc…

He who fails to plan plans to fail James…

But also he who plans to fail – will fail every time.

You’re a winner James….but if you want to see your dreams come true…..speak your dreams into reality.

Beginning is half done….

How crazy were the Wright brothers to think they could fly?

You can do it….attempt crazy things.

Keep reading my blog articles and you will start to understand what I mean.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me!

Don’t mind me, I’m just a little discouraged right now – I quit my job a while ago to try start a business which didn’t get anywhere, so I’ve had to take a job again. I’ll get back on the horse soon enough.

Keep up the great blog, it’ll gradually ‘brainwash’ me with the right stuff over the months and years to come 🙂

Hi James

Congratulations on your failure.

I’ve had three major setbacks in my career – along with many more failures that I can’t even recall. A friend of mine who is a multi millionaire went bankrupt three times before he ever hit success.

Any one who has ever achieved anything worthwhile has had to go through this type of apprenticeship.

So keep the job for a time – but don’t allow yourself to slip back into job mentality and don’t forget the dream. My Motivational Memo material will keep your mind primed in that respect. This time though learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them….like me. I repeated them three times before I finally got the lesson.

I look forward to hearing your success story in the days ahead, and keep that speech UP and positive at all times, no matter how frustrated you become. Frustration is good. It creates a fire within that turns you into a success turbocharger.

Be blessed!


Thanks for the inspiration! I really like your phrase ‘Congrats on your failure’. Do you mind if I use that on my newsletter?

Failure can be simply hard. I hope I can learn. Next time I’ll try a different approach in my business. I can’t imagine how hard it’d be to go bankrupt 3 times – I hope I don’t have to go through that.

I find it such an odd thing that numerous failures are a necessary step on the way to success. I guess it’s character building. Maybe someone’s showing me tough love or something. 

All the best! Hopefully in 6 months I’ll contact you again with a success story 🙂


Go for it!


Good point.

Success never taught me anything except maybe to be humble.

Failure? My greatest teacher.

I was already thinking it would be good to do a blog post as well about that statement. I’m often inspired with fresh titles when I communicate one on one.

Thanks for being the recipient. More success to you!


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